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Telangana region is well known for many products such as crafts, arts, handlooms, textiles etc and each district has a unique reputation involving such unique products. Sircilla, situated on the banks of the river Manair is a town of Karimnagar district in Telangana. Sircilla town is a well-known hub of textile producers in Telangana where nearly 80% of its population is reportedly employed as weavers or in the textile dyeing segment. Siricilla Town is known widely for its Textile Industries and Power looms business. Weaving in Sircilla is based power looms, a mechanized version of the hand looms which runs on electricity.

The authorities have set up a large Textile Park in Siricilla map, located in Baddenapalli , nearly 5 km from the center of Siricilla. The park shows the history of weaving in the region and showcases various models of looms. The exhibits here include the ancient hand looms run manually to the modern power looms that are run automatically. Siricilla town is home for more than 34,000 power looms where out of these, nearly 15000 are used solely for weaving of polyester fabric which provides direct and indirect employment to more than 8,000 weavers. The Textile Park established in Baddenapalli attracts tourists from all over and it also serves to increase awareness regarding Siricilla’s textile industry and its impressive history. Manufactures and distributors from all over India come to Sircilla and place bulk orders due to its high quality weaves. Sircilla is considered the pride of Telangana due to its quality textiles, which command good price and demand in the market. The weavers of Sircilla are known for their skill in creating best output using the power looms.

Other Tourist Attractions near Sircilla

• Lord Hanuman Temple
• Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple, Vemulawada
• Silver Filigree, Handicrafts, Karimnagar
• Lower Manair Dam
How to reach

Sircilla can be easily accessed from major cities and towns in Telangana by road. It is located nearly 140 km from Hyderabad. Karimnagar is the nearest railway station located 34 km away.

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